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Automatic Spaghetti Production Line

Automatic Spaghetti Production Line

Automatic production line for spaghetti and long pasta.

Various models featuring output from 30 up to 200 Kgs per hour.

Presenting the first, small scale automatic production line for dry spaghetti in the production range is an important event in the development of dry pasta production.

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Product item:Automatic Spaghetti Production Line

Product description:

The spaghetti production line can produce spaghetti with high efficiency,durable and low maintenance.It include flour mixer,flour conveyor,spaghetti extruder,cooling conveyor,cutting machine,hanging up machine.

Raw material: Main material is durum semolina flour;water

Final products:Spaghetti,Long pasta,etc.

Machine material:Stainless steel 304 or as customer’s request

Electricity component brand:Siemens,ABB motor available;Delta,LG inverter available

Burner brand:Baltur,Italy

After sale service provided:field installation,video technical support

Product parameter:





Electricity Power




Output capacity




Dimension(L*W*H) mm

6000*3000*2000 mm

7000*3000*2200 mm

8000*3000*2200 mm

Processing flow AND Equipment involved:

Processing flow :Mixing system; Extrusion system;Conveyoring system; Cutting system;Hanging system; Drying system; Packing system

Equipment involved:Mixer; Belt conveyor; Spaghetti extruder; Cutter;Belt conveyor; Drying oven; Automatic packing machine.

Seperate equipment description:

Mixer or Blender :

Function: mixing and hydrating semolina wheat flour And water

Belt Conveyor:

Function: transferring the durum wheat flour from the blender to an spaghetti extruder

Spaghetti Extruder :

Function:cooking and extrusion,modify the gluten reticular structure, which can improve the internal structure and outside appearance.

Belt Conveyor:

Function: transferring the spaghetti


Function: cut the product into 1 or 1.5 meter length

Hanging machine:

Function: hanging up the 1or1.5 meter length spaghetti,preparing for drying process.

Drying Oven:

Long Tunnel type or Oven type

Function:drying product and fully extracting humidity

Final cutter:

Function: cut the product into 20 or 25cm length

Packing Machine:

Function:weighing filling and packing the spaghetti into bags for sale


1.what is the main material of the spaghetti?

The spaghetti making machine use durum semolina flour as main material

2.this spaghetti production line only produce one shape product?

NO, you can achine different shapes by changing different cutting mould of spaghetti extruder . to do installation after sale

We provide video technical service to guide you to operate the fried chips machine normally,save your money and production time.Also you can contact our local field installation service office in Ethiopia、Sudan、Thailand、Bangladesh、Tunisia、Uzbekistan、Turkmenistan.

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported


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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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