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  • Office Building
    Office Building

    After years of development, our single screw extruder and double screw extruder has been widely applied to produce the different food products. At present, we have Corn puff snack production line,Fried bugle chips production line,Chin Chin production line,Biscuit production line,Cheetos or kurkure production line,Bread crouton production line,Pasta macaroni production line,Cheetos or kurkure production line,Instant noodle production line,Pellet production line,etc.

  • Wanwei Workshop
    Wanwei Workshop

    Our workshop have the ability of 1000 sets double screw extruder yearly. Double screw extruder is the main equipment if different snack food production line. Double screw food extruder adopts international advanced extrusion technology and is researched and developed in extrusion food industry field. This machine can use corn, rice, oat, bean, buckwheat and so on as the raw materials, through mixing,extruding, explanding, shaping, drying or frying, oil spraying, and seasoning technology, to produce various extrusion food.

  • Warehouse

    Our workshop have different dryer for showing to clients. It include continuous belt dryer,microwave dryer,Oven,etc. The dryer can dry various food and snacks. high heat efficiency, and hot air circulation makes better drying quality. All is stainless steel widened net belt. Advanced temperature control device can be set proper temperature for different materials, so the drying quality can be assured.

  • Food Sample
    Food Sample

    After years of research and development, our single and double screw extrusion technique has been widely applied to produce the following products: puffed snacks, core-filling snacks, breakfast cereal / corn flakes, 2d/3d pellet, textured soya protein/fibre protein/vegetarian meat, doritos/ tortilla chips, cheetos/niknak/kurkure, ball/butterfly popcorn, fried flour food, bread crumb, nutritional rice/ artificial rice, nutritional powder/baby food powder, and pet food, etc. More than twenty production lines with different functions and capacities can be chosen. And we can also provide customized service for special requirements.

  • Meeting Room
    Meeting Room

    Our expanded machines are exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa, and South America. After several years of development, we own regular dealers in many countries.

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