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Industrial puff rings puffed rice corn snack production line

Industrial puff rings puffed rice corn snack production line

Industrial puffed snack production line is used for making various of puff snacks, with corn and rice as the raw material (the processing of different materials are separately under different moulds). The main machine of this line is Twin Screw extruding machine, the puffs produced from above machine is the semi-finished products. After the final processes of shaping and seasoning, the products become extremely even and crisp. The whole processing is without any frying. This production line is a good quality corn puffed extruder snack machine.

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Product item:Industrial puff rings puffed snack production line

Brief Description of Puff Snack Machine:

This industrial puffed snack production line can use corn flour,rice flour,wheat flour and other grain powder as raw materials, to produce different shape puff snacks by changing the extruder mould, such as chips, ball, ring, stick, flake, flower shapes etc. Puff Snack Machine adopt advanced extrusion technology with high efficiency instead of traditional steam boiling process. It has features of continuous working,stable performance and reasonable design.

industrial automatic puffed snack making machine

Puffed Snack Food Production Line Technical Parameters:


Installed Power


Power Consumption



















Layout of puffed Snacks Processing Line:

We can design the puff snacks process line and core filling snacks machine layout according to the dimension of customers' factory.

flow chart of automatic puff snacks making machine

Corn Puff Snacks Machine Process Line Production Flow:  

Flour Mixer→ Screw conveyor→ Twin-screw extruder→ Air Conveyor→Gas/Electricity Dryer→Oil sprayer→ Flavoring Line→ Cooling conveyor→Packing Machine

automatic puff snack extruder machine in Egypt

Processing Equipment in Puff Snacks Manufacturing Plant:

1.Flour Mixer: Mix raw materials like corn flour, wheat flour, and rice flour, etc. with a certain amount of water evenly and sufficiently.

2.Screw conveyor: Feed the mixed materials to the feeding hopper of food extruder machine.

3.Twin Screw Extruder: Raw materials fall into the extruding system from the feeding hopper. Under the function of high temperature and high pressure, the products are squeezed out. We can set different configurations for making different products.

4.Air Conveyor: Take advantage of the wind power, the materials are conveyed to the oven. Configure different air conveyors according to the different products we need.

5.Multi-layer Dryer: The dryer in the snacks manufacturing plant is mainly the electric type. Temperature is adjusted through the control cabinet from room temperature to 120℃. There is a double-layer stainless mesh bag inside. The baking time is adjusted according to the speed. The oven of three-layer, five-layer, and seven-layer for your selection.

6.Oil sprayer:The oil sprayer spray oil on the surface of snack food through the rotating drum.The oil spraying amount and time can be adjusted.

7.Automatic Flavoring Line: There are an octagonal drum, single drum, and double drum flavoring. According to the capacity and product characteristics, we also have oil spraying, sugar spraying and coating equipment for your choice.

8.Automatic packing machine:This high performance automatic sanck food packaging machine, can complete automatic feeding,measuring, bag-making, deviation, filling, sealing, date printing and finished product output and a series of automatic functions.

Automatic puffed snack food machine factory:

Delivery for puff snack food making plant:

Video of automatic puffed snack processing line:

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IPv6 network supported


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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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