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  • Puff Sanck Food Extruder Breadcrumbs Machine to Bulgaria
    Puff Sanck Food Extruder Breadcrumbs Machine to Bulgaria
    • November 12, 2021

    Puff snack extruder breadcrumbs making machine What is breadcrumbs making machine? Bread crumbs is widely used supplementary material. It is mainly used in western-style food, such as frying beefsteak, frying,chicken leg and so on. It can add the crispy flavour. The production line is characterized by advanced technical, it does not make waste material. So production cost is reduced. Raw Material: Wheat flour,rice powder, corn powder, soya meal and other grains’ powder Work Flow Program of automatic bread crumb production line : Breadcrumbs samples:

  • Automatic Cream Biscuit Sandwiching Machine With Packing Machine Delivery For Bangladesh
    Automatic Cream Biscuit Sandwiching Machine With Packing Machine Delivery For Bangladesh
    • October 07, 2021

    Automatic Cream Biscuit Sandwiching Machine With Packing Machine Sandwich Biscuit Making Machine Today we delivery automatic sandwich biscuit machine,automatic biscuit packing machine for Bangladesh clients. Wanwei company provide different kinds of biscuit sandwich machines and automatic biscuit packing machine. The biscuit sandwich machine can be filling with chocolate, cream, jam or cheese. It's used for sandwiching for different flavour then transfer to the packing machine automatically. Feature: 1. PLC for simple operation including machine set-up, hopper controls, speed adjustments. 2. Cream Shapes: can handle a wide variety of shapes, including round, square, rectangle. 3. Removable scrap trays are provided for simple scrap collection and machine cleaning. 4. Easy to operate: Simple adjustments for machine speeds, cream volume. 5. Separating cream holding tank and feeding system. 6. Every cream hopper with independent motor and reducer. 7. Mobile cream hopper can cleaning while finish working separately. 8. The pusher with double chain assure machine running stable and cleaning and maintenance. 9. Sanitary design with stainless steel for food contact parts, including cream stencil and interchange faster. 10. Stainless steel gear pump, connection tubes between cream hopper and stencil are jacket design.

  • Happy National Day in China
    Happy National Day in China
    • September 30, 2021

    To all my friends and client. Our National Day is coming soon,At 1st October.and we have seven days holiday from 1st to 7th October. At this moment,I represent Shandong Wanwei Machinery Company. I wish all Chinese a happy holiday and good health. I wish the motherland prosperity, national peace and security, and all friends and customers a prosperous business and good luck. National Day, holiday celebrated on October 1 to mark the formation of the People’s Republic of China. The holiday is also celebrated by China’s two special administrative regions: Hong Kong and Macau. Traditionally, the festivities begin with the ceremonial raising of the Chinese national flag in Tiananmen Square in the capital city of Beijing. The flag ceremony is followed first by a large parade exhibiting the country’s military forces and then by state dinners and, finally, fireworks displays, which conclude the evening celebrations. In 1999 the Chinese government expanded the celebrations by several days to give its citizens a seven-day vacation period similar to the Golden Week holiday in Japan. Often, the Chinese use this time to stay with relatives and to travel. Visiting amusement parks and watching special television programs centred on the holiday are also popular activities. National Day is celebrated on Friday, October 1, 2021 in China.

  • customized automatic puff snack processing machine ship to india
    customized automatic puff snack processing machine ship to india
    • September 08, 2021

    Customized puff snacks processing machineship to india Today we ship automatic puff snack extruder machine production line to india.This puff snack line include flour mixer,screw conveyor,twin screw extruder,bucket conveyor,multi layer automatic dryer,flavoring drum. We manufacture and exporters of corn puff snack extruder, cheese balls puff Snack extruder, puff snack extruder, puff food extruder, corn curls extruder, inflating corn snack extruder, extrusion machine, screw extrusion, Murmura/ Muri Extruder, Screw shape corn puff extruder, corn extruder machine, snacks extruder, corn flour snack extruder machine, small snacks extruder, maize extruder, extruders cheese snacks, pasta extruder, food extruder, puffed rice extruder, puff food extruder, rice snacks extruder, rice vermicelli extruder, rice crispy extruder. Features of Puffed Corn Snacks Making Machines 1:Aesthetically and ergonomically build machine for best performance 2:Produced in an advanced state of the art manufacturing facility 3:World class bought out items for optimum operations 4:Efficient control panel to set important operative parameters easily 5:Designed to work 24 hours, round the clock 6:Operator friendly machine, hence easy to operate and maintain 7:Low maintenance and operating cost 8:Sturdy design to ensure long life and trouble-free operation

  • Automatic customized fortified rice kernel making machine plant in india
    Automatic customized fortified rice kernel making machine plant in india
    • August 14, 2021

    Automatic fortified rice kernel making machine in india 200kg/h-500kg/h Customized fortified rice kernel making plant: Wanwei machinery provide complete turnkey solution for Fortified Rice Kernel Manufacturing Line. We provide twin screw extrusion technolohy for rice fortification which is considered best among others. Twin screw extrusion is considered the most robust method of rice fortification, supported by extensive evidence base to have a positive impact on micronutrient deficiencies. Broken rice grains are ground into rice flour, then mixed with water and the required nutrients to produce a mixture dough. The mixture dough is then passed through an twin screw extruder to produce the fortified kernels, after drying to get normal moisture percentage final product which are then blended with regular rice typically at 0.5-2% ratio. Flow chart of Artificial Rice Production Line Plant : Milling Machine--Meal Mixer--Screw conveyor--Twin screw Extruder--Vibrating Separator -- Air Blower with cyclone discharger--Multi layer dryer --Cooling Conveyor --automatic packing machine. Food Twin Screw Extruder Feature: 1.Continuously cooks pre-mixed, dry, semi-moist, and moist foods. Eliminates “batch” cooking. 2.Maintains precise control of cooking temperatures, pressure, and time. 3.Hardened stainless steel liners for longer wear and easier cleaning to meet the highest sanitary requirements. 4.Can be fitted with rapidly interchangeable die plates for extrusion of an almost unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. 5.Robust designs for peak loads and sustained operations. Design simplicity and heavy-duty components mean fewer parts to wear out, less downtime, and significantly lower maintenance costs. 6.Modular design for adjusting temperature in each zone. 7.Different screw designs for differing products. 8.Variable-speed drive on screw to adjust retention time, pressure, and production rate

  • Complete corn puffs making machine loaded container
    Complete corn puffs making machine loaded container
    • June 03, 2021

    Automatic corn puff snack making machine loaded container Today we loaded container for one complete automatic corn puff production line to is very compact machine with three volumetric cup packing machine. Puff snacks making machine is foodstuff equipment produced and developed by Wanwei Company on the basis of international advanced double screw extrusion technology. The performance and quality have reached the highest international level of the same line. From feeding materials, extruding & inflating, core filling(option), shaping, cutting, oil spraying to finished products are done once time automaticly. This corn puff snacks processing line can produce all kinds of inflating foodstuffs, rice bread, core snacks(need extra filling machine), crackers, gruels, nutrient flour(need crushing machine), breakfast cereal, baby food and so on. The raw material can be maize, rice or wheat flour, etc. Wanwei company is a manufacturer of a wide range of products which include corn snacks making machines, chips making machine, puffs making machines, corn puffs extruder, corn snacks extruder and potato chips snacks extruder machines.if are interested in our "snacks making machine",please click here to know more.

  • Automatic corn puff snack packing machine ready ship to Kenya
    Automatic corn puff snack packing machine ready ship to Kenya
    • May 23, 2021

    Automatic corn puff snack packing machine ready ship to Kenya Our client ordered one complete corn puff snack production line,as well as three sets automatic packing machine,we tested all packing machine and ready to ship to Kenya now. Automatic small vertical packaging machine suitable for puffed food, peanut, melon seeds, rice, seeds, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, beans, corn, biscuits and other granular solid materials packaging. Main Features: 1)The machine structure is compact, step motor to pull membrane, solid, reliable, stable performance, low noise. 2)Using potoelectric eye control system, reliable and stable performance. 3) The frequency control of motor speed, more stable operation, lower noise, low failure rate. 4) Automatic from measuring bagging, date printing to finished products output off. 5) Use spring compression priciple, pneumatic cutting, five package more stable.

  • Automatic puff corn chips making machine ready ship to Kenya
    Automatic puff corn chips making machine ready ship to Kenya
    • May 17, 2021

    Puff chips making machine ready to ship to Kenya One client ordered one complete puff chips production line including corn flour blender,screw conveyor,twin screw extruder,air conveyor,diesel type dryer,oil coating machine,flavoring machine and automatic packing machine. Direct Puff Snack making machine adopts advanced double screw exrtusion technology, which can extrude products with different textures and tastes through Double-Screw Extruder at the same time. It can produce a variety of direct puff snack food which are popular in the world market, such as fragrant chicken, core-filling rolls,etc. It can also produce nutritional powder,grain gruel and many other snacks by changing different moulds and assistants equipments. This automatic puff snack process line has characters such as convenient operation and maintenance, lower power consumption, higher output. Wanwei company service: 1. Consultation service before, during,and after sales; 2. Project planning and design service; 3. Debugging of equipment until everything is functional; 4. Management of equipments' long distance shipping from seller's factory to the named place by buyer; 5. Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally; 6. New production techniques and formulas; 7. Provide 1 year complete warranty and life-time maintenance service

  • Installation of dog food production line in Romania
    Installation of dog food production line in Romania
    • March 10, 2019

    Installation for automatic dog food production line in Romania We Complete installation of automatic dog food production line in Romania at March,2019. Dog food production Capacity 300-400kg per hour. The total complete line include Mixer; Spiral conveyor; Double screw extruder; Air conveyor; Drying oven; Oil sprayer; Automatic packing machine. This dog making machine adopt twin screw extrusion process,the advantage of the twin screw extruder as follow: 1. Screw design uses dual-head full-mesh structure, using self-clean block screw, can be any combination 2. New type Rail-mounted cutting system; 3. Parallel shaft cylindrical helical Gear Box, it is manufactured by our factory; 4. New Type Direct Transmit System, more power (no belt, between gear box with motor), reducing energy consumption; 5. Full automatic heating system and cooling system

  • Installation of automatic pasta machine in Angola
    Installation of automatic pasta machine in Angola
    • March 28, 2019

    Installation for automatic pasta production line in Angola We installed one complete automatic pasta production line in Angola at March,2019. The total line consist of flour mixer,conveyor,pasta extruder,cutter,continuous dryer(diesel type),cooling machine and automatic multi heads packing amchine,carton sealing machine,etc. This pasta making machine adopt Vacuum Type Single Screw Extruder,the advantage is as following: 1. This equipment is made up of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, driving system, cooling system, usually fit for frying food. 2. Feeding system, drive system and cutting system adopts inverter speed controlling, strong motivity, steady running. 3.Screw, barrel, moulds adopt circulating cooling system to keep temperature steady during working. 4.Vacuum device make good performance of pasta

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